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Books : Debug It!
on 2010/2/17 4:47:02 (3949 reads)

This book provides a structured approach that will help programmers to identify and remove bugs in code. It is based on a four steps process: Reproduce, Diagnose, Fix, Reflect. For each activity, the author provides practical material on how perform it. The second part gives a higher vision of the debugging process and deal with topics like communicating with users or prioritizing bugs treatment. Finally, the book discusses special situations and the relationship between bugs and other areas of software development (source control, build, etc.).

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Books : Implementing Automated Testing
on 2009/5/25 0:57:37 (2108 reads)

This book presents an comprehensive treatement of the domain of software testing automation.

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Books : Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory
on 2009/5/5 5:40:00 (2399 reads)

Some authors are good at presenting theories but unable to connect them to practice. Other are good at telling stories from the trenches, but without being able to produce an analysis of the situation and propose some solutions. On the less examined domain of agile testing, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory are, luckily for us, presenting a book that covers both the personal experience of being a tester in agile projects and a conceptual vision of the place of quality assurance in software projects. Thus you will find in this book “stories” that comes from past projects and “mind maps” that helps to have a high-level vision of the material of each chapter.

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Books : Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk
on 2007/11/14 2:09:10 (1710 reads)

As a software developer, you know that one of the critical period in a project is when you try to make integrate your code in the overall application and push it towards the final user. It is sometimes a long process that you would like to accelerate so that you could obtain a quicker feedback on the quality of your code. This book written by Paul Duvall, with Steve Matyas and Andrew Glover, will help you improve the way you build and deliver software.

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Books : Competitive Engineering by Tom Gilb
on 2007/9/13 4:19:45 (1647 reads)

In a period where the trend is to follow agile approaches with condensed guidance (see the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto for instance), it could seem strange to publish a book on software development with more than 500 dense pages. You should however not be frightened by this book. Beneath the size and the structured form lies an approach based on practical experience that incorporates change and flexibility without abandoning the quest for precision and delivering value.

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Books : Testing Web Security: Assessing the Security of Web Sites and Applications
on 2007/8/23 6:30:00 (1672 reads)

Following a straightforward, accessible approach, this book will take you step-by-step through the process of testing the security of your Web sites and applications. Whether you’re a software tester, system administrator, developer, manager, Web master, or security engineer, you’ll find valuable information on how to use testing as a security measure.

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