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Press Releases : SmartBear Launches New Application Quality and Performance Management Platform
on 2014/6/12 10:36:30 (1659 reads)
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SmartBear Software has announced new AlertSite UXM to help application development teams focus on delivering superior customer experiences.

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Press Releases : Firebug 2.0 Released
on 2014/6/12 9:45:24 (1176 reads)
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Fresh new Firebug 2 has  just been released. Firebug is an open source project that integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page

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Press Releases : Skytap Introduces a Continuous Delivery Built on UrbanCode
on 2014/6/12 9:37:14 (1242 reads)
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Skytap has announced a joint offering with IBM UrbanCode Deploy,  enabling dev/test teams to fully automate the deployment pipeline for complex applications and meet increasing enterprise demands for continuous delivery. The offering enables enterprises to overcome the biggest challenge in the adoption of continuous delivery—deploying applications to consistent and predictable environments.

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Press Releases : Free Rapise Express for Automating Web Testing
on 2014/6/12 9:33:15 (1074 reads)
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Inflectra is pleased to announce the release of Rapise Express a free test automation system for quickly and easily testing web applications and web APIs without needing to hand-write test scripts. Rapise Express makes web testing rapid and easy. Based on the powerful Rapise test automation platform, Rapise Express is a free version of our powerful Rapise testing system designed for individuals, educational institutions, non-profits, and charities. Rapise Express is the easiest and fastest way to do cross-browser testing. Ideal for agile software projects.

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Press Releases : Tricentis, CloudMonkey Mobile Testing Partnership
on 2014/6/10 12:17:17 (1191 reads)
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Tricentis announced that it has entered into a partnership with CloudMonkey Mobile, a leading provider of mobile testing platforms for today's distributed delivery teams. Tricentis will provide integration of its Tosca Testsuite into CloudMonkey Mobile's LabManager, a turnkey solution for managing application effectiveness testing on mobile devices and tablets. The partner solution will allow enterprises to accelerate business innovation through streamlined, automated mobile application testing.

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Press Releases : Parasoft and Skytap Deliver Cloud-Based Development Testing
on 2014/6/5 6:21:55 (1159 reads)
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Parasoft and Skytap announced a joint offering that delivers cloud-based Development Testing. The joint solution featuring Parasoft Development Testing Platform (which includes Parasoft Static Analysis and Unit Testing) and Skytap Cloud provides on-demand access to multiple, concurrent test environments and continuous integration.

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Press Releases : TestPlant Integrates eggPlant with IBM UrbanCode
on 2014/6/2 8:03:21 (1207 reads)
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TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced the launch of its integration of eggPlant Functional into IBM UrbanCode. eggIntegration for IBM UrbanCode enables the automated, consistent and validated cross-platform deployment of applications.

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Press Releases : Typemock Releases Isolator V7.5 for .NET
on 2014/5/22 8:43:47 (1276 reads)
Press Releases

Isolator V7.5 for .NET is out now, packed with new features. This new version is all about giving you more confidence in your code, as well as jacking up your productivity:

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Press Releases : Coverity Acquired Kalistick
on 2014/5/21 8:49:13 (1289 reads)
Press Releases

Coverity has announced it has completed the acquisition of Kalistick, a provider of cloud-based software solutions that boost testing efficiency by enabling software development organizations to easily identify and prioritize which critical tests need to be run by Quality Assurance (QA).

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Press Releases : Rapise 2.0 Now Available
on 2014/5/16 8:29:46 (1369 reads)
Press Releases

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release of Rapise v2.0 that provides support for testing HTML5 applications, data-driven testing using ODBC databases as well as support for advanced AJAX web applications using the GWTExt and SmartGWT frameworks.

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