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Press Releases : Appvance Adds JMeter Testing To PerformanceCloud
on 2014/4/17 2:30:41 (134 reads)
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Appvance has announced the addition of JMeter compatibility in Appvance PerformanceCloud, its next generation cloud testing platform that combines functional, performance, stress, load tests and APM. JMeter is widely used by individual software performance engineers and testers. PerformanceCloud provides large organizations with a standard way to roll-out and maintain JMeter tests through standard grid and cloud test server infrastructure, test management services, and Agile processes.

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Press Releases : StrongLoop Releases StrongOps 2.0 DevOps Service for Node.js
on 2014/4/15 7:10:59 (202 reads)
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StrongLoop has announced the general availability of StrongOps 2.0, the first Node.js specific application lifecycle management (ALM) solution to include both monitoring and DevOps capabilities for Linux, Windows and Mac. Node.js continues to gain popularity for the creation "front edge" APIs that mobile applications use to connect to backend data, enabling true enterprise mobility.

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Press Releases : WANdisco Releases SmartSVN 8.5
on 2014/4/15 6:51:36 (162 reads)
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WANdisco, a provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, today announced SmartSVN 8.5, the latest version of its platform independent graphical client for Apache Subversion.

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Press Releases : Neotys Announces Neotys Team Server 2.0 for Collaboration and Concurrent Testing
on 2014/4/15 6:37:50 (145 reads)
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Neotys has announced Neotys Team Server 2.0, a central web-based server used to collaborate on test projects and test multiple applications concurrently.

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Press Releases : Vector Software Announces Integration with Berner & Mattner CTE XL Professional
on 2014/4/3 9:38:34 (526 reads)
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Vector Software has announced that the VectorCAST test solution now offers an integration with the Berner & Mattner CTE XL Professional Graphical Editor for Classification Trees. This tool synergy benefits developers by enabling them to easily develop automated functional, robustness, and state machine tests.

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Press Releases : Load Impact Introduces New Cloud-Based Performance Testing Service for Mobile Apps
on 2014/4/3 9:07:34 (424 reads)
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Load Impact has introduced the first cloud-based load testing Software as a Service for mobile apps, APIs and websites that can simulate traffic generated from a variety of mobile operating systems, popular browsers, and mobile networks – including 3G, GSM and LTE.

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Press Releases : Perforce Introduces Hybrid Version Control
on 2014/3/20 9:02:57 (761 reads)
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Perforce Software has announceda platform for hybrid version control. Unique capabilities across the Perforce suite of solutions help developers use Git alongside Perforce's native versioning protocol (P4) without hindering DevOps teams from implementing and accelerating their continuous delivery pipelines. Enterprises can now adopt either centralized or distributed workflows, or both together, based on the needs of each project instead of having to make a choice.

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Press Releases : Skytap Announces Development and Test Environments on Amazon Web Services
on 2014/3/20 8:47:03 (693 reads)
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Skytap has announced the general availability of Skytap SaaS-based dev/test environments built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Development and test teams at any enterprise can now use Skytap to rapidly build and test software in environments that mirror their AWS production environments. With this release, Skytap now supports native AWS and VMware workloads, providing customers with the highest level of flexibility for accelerating cloud adoption within the enterprise.

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Press Releases : TechExcel Announces DevSuite 9.3
on 2014/3/20 8:31:36 (636 reads)
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TechExcel has announced DevSuite 9.3, the latest edition of its ALM platform with integrated Requirements, Quality and Agile Management. DevSuite 9.3 includes usability enhancements and performance improvements that enable companies to more effectively and efficiently manage requirements, development and QA processes. With DevSuite 9.3, companies are able to deliver superior software products to market and their customers faster.

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Press Releases : HP Expands Testing for Mobile and Cloud-based Application Delivery
on 2014/3/18 10:33:09 (516 reads)
Press Releases

HP today announced new offerings to accelerate mobile and cloud-based testing and improve user experience while increasing cost savings and quality for the delivery of business-critical applications and services. To help organizations drive quality, performance and velocity into their mobile, cloud, hybrid and traditional applications, HP is unveiling new versions of the products within its HP Application Lifecycle Management portfolio. The new software offerings help enterprises improve planning and development, shrink testing costs and speed the delivery of applications while continuously reducing potential business disruptions.

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