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The Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance Zone
The Software Development Quality Assurance Zone is a repository for resources concerning software testing (unit testing, functional testing, regression testing, load and performance testing, code coverage, test cases, test planning), code review and inspection, bug and defect tracking, configuration management, continuous integration.
Software Testing and Software Quality Articles
  • [2014/10/7] Learning TDD with Coding Dojos in Methods & Tools Fall 2014 issue
    Methods & Tools – the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers – has just published its Fall 2014 issue that discusses better coding with Coding Dojos, Lean Agile metrics, the difference between requirements and specifications, softwar...
  • [2014/10/6] Free Web Load Testing Services
    Thw web is now the dominant platform for software development and thishas fostered the development of load testing services on the web. The Software Testing Magazine website has published article that presents some free offers from commercial web load testing services providers...
  • [2013/3/12] State of Mobile Software Testing 2013 Report
    Are you doing testing enough your mobile software? Most companies don’t! Find out how you compare to other development and testing teams. XBOSoft surveyed global software development and software testing teams to understand mobile testing best practices.
  • [2010/8/17] Unit Testing in a Managed Environment
    You’re ready to start unit-testing in a more managed, process-oriented way. How do you do it? Let's say, for example, you have Microsoft Team System in place, and you use it for source control and tracking work items. Obviously, you can do much more with Team System, bu...
  • [2010/3/30] Automated Exploratory Testing
    Automated exploratory testing is a method integrating Test Automation within the Exploratory Testing Session that enables the testers to save money and to become more productive during test execution. This article describes automated exploratory testing and explains its benefi...
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